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Hotel copywriting services that’ll leave guests counting down the moments until check-in. 

Elevated copywriting for bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels & vacation rentals ready to turn browsers into bookers and establish themselves as the go-to destination for the ultimate getaway.

You know you’re the right place for their next vacation, but how do they?

You work hard to create a dream experience for your guests. You're confident that from the moment they walk through the door, they’ll take home five-star memories that will last a lifetime. But how do you convince future guests to stop their scroll and book?

Transform your hotel marketing strategy by focusing on the story first.

Create irresistible narrative that speaks directly to your ideal guests. Show them what they’re vacation would be like before they even arrive with website copywriting that inspires an experience. 

Here’s how the right hotel website copy can work for you 

Extensive industry research and SEO-crafted content that will boost your website up the search engine ranks, making it easier for guests to find and fall in love with your bed and breakfast, hotel or vacation home.

Say goodbye to generic website content in a crowded market. Marketing for hotels starts with building an all-encompassing story that allows you to quickly and confidently share your travel brand with the world.

With creative copy designed specifically  to drive your ideal guest to take action you’ll be serving up breakfast on the regular.

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A travel enthusiast turned travel copywriter that craves a unique experience for my home away from home.

Imagine that! An experienced travel copywriter that also serves as your ideal customer. I’m Courtney and it’s nice to meet you! Traveling to new places has always been a passion of mine. There is something so charming about curling up in the room of a historic home or waking up to a culinary experience of local fare.  


Every accommodation has its own unique allure and I feel grateful that I get the opportunity to bring them to life one word at a time.

Captivating your guests from the minute they land on your hotel website

Maybe you don't need a complete overhaul of your story, but you'd love to be able to tell it more creatively. We offer a la carte services like destination guides, social media caption creation, room descriptions, blog post writing & more. 

A La Carte

Don’t leave your strongest marketing tool behind. Stay top of mind with valuable email copy.



Done-for-you website copy that truly makes your story shine & compels guests to book with you.

Hotel Website Copywriting

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Ready to become the hottest destination spot in town ?

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Your guests are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Let's make it easy for them to find you. I can't wait to help you tell your story. 

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