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Giving Back

One of the reasons that I started my own copywriting business was because I wanted more time. I've been volunteering with animal rescues for awhile now. I love walking shelter dogs, helping with enrichment & preparing them for their forever home.

With a 9-5, it was hard to get to the shelters often. Midday is usually when shelters need the most help with the dogs and I hated that there was nothing I could do about it while I was stuck behind a desk. 

Rise & Write gives me that flexibility & I'm proud to say that I donate regularly on behalf of the business to rescue organizations around the country. This helps them to provide medical care and boarding for stray and abandoned animals.

So, know that when you're working with me here at Rise & Write, you're also helping to give more animals a second chance at their happy ever after!


Whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend, never had a dog.

Meet Rhett

The official mascot of Rise & Write Copy Co.

Rhett was rescued from the streets of Nashville, TN at about 6 weeks old by a rescue organization. 

He was the loudest of the bunch the day my husband went to pick out a dog to surprise me with. 

I can't imagine life without him. He's the best co-worker a girl could have ever asked for!

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