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5 Things Your Hotel Website Needs to Drive More Direct Bookings

You know we love to shout it from the rooftops how important the right website copy is to turn browsers into bookers.

Telling the right story is the foundation of any hotel marketing strategy.

But, just as a house needs walls, your website also needs support in addition to that foundation to bring it all together.

To truly stand out and attract your ideal guests, your need an all-encompassing marketing strategy to help elevate your story.

Here are five things to make sure your hotel website includes, in addition to website copywriting, to enhance your hotel or bed and breakfast's marketing efforts and make guests say, "I have to stay here!"


1. Professional Photography:

Visual appeal is paramount in enticing potential guests to choose your boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. When it comes to photography, invest in high-quality professional photos that showcase the unique features, ambiance, and amenities of your property. Stunning images of cozy rooms, inviting common areas, and picturesque surroundings not only captivate visitors but also establish credibility and trust.

And as a destination, don't forget to show potential guests what's around you. Feature a cute coffee shop in town, a popular attraction or a gorgeous coastal view.

It's important to pair your story with compelling visuals to bring it all together.


2. Streamlined Aesthetic:

Consistency is key when it comes to your brand's visual identity. Ensure that your website design, logo, color scheme, and font choices align with your brand's personality.

A cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic creates a memorable impression and reinforces your brand's identity across all marketing channels, from your website to social media platforms.


3. Guest Reviews:

Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied guests serve as powerful endorsements for your property. Encourage guests to leave feedback by implementing a user-friendly review system on your website and following up with post-stay emails requesting reviews.

Showcase glowing testimonials prominently on your website to build trust and credibility with prospective guests.


4. Easy Booking Process:

An easy booking process is essential to drive more online bookings. I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to a bed and breakfast website and left immediately when I couldn't find any information on availability or a clear booking process.

You can have the most compelling story on your homepage, but if guests can't easily find out how to check availability and book a room, they will go elsewhere.

That's why it's important to have a simple booking process to minimize friction and maximize conversions. A user-friendly interface with clear navigation, intuitive booking forms, and secure payment options ensures a seamless experience for guests. Optimize your website for mobile devices to cater to travelers who prefer to book accommodations on-the-go.

Additionally, provide transparent pricing and detailed information about room availability, amenities, and cancellation policies to answer any questions guests may have during the hotel booking process.


5. Clear Call to Action:

You have worked hard to create SEO-friendly copy. Your ideal guest has arrived (to your website that is). They are blown away by all you have to offer, but now what? What do they do next? Don't be afraid to guide them to take the action you want them to take. Here are a few examples of clear call to actions for those ready to book their next vacation and those who are not.

Show them where to book their stay: The booking process should show more than once on your homepage. At the top, middle and bottom of the page to make it easy for guests to find. To make sure they know what to do next, you can use check availability, book your stay or reservations. These are all clear actions to guide your potential guest on what to do next.

Nurture them through your email sales funnel: Email marketing should be a huge part of any hotel strategy. Not everyone that comes to your website is ready to book, but you don't want to lose them for when the time comes that they are. Be sure to offer the option for guests to sign up for your email list so you can share exciting offers or events and stay in touch.

Help build your brand presence: Do you love sharing videos and photos on social media? Ask them to follow you with a direct link to your social account.

Test out different call to actions and placement to optimize conversion rates and drive engagement.


By integrating these five key components into your hotel marketing strategy alongside effective website copywriting, you can create a compelling and cohesive brand experience that resonates with your ideal guests. Emphasize your property's unique value proposition, showcase its appeal through captivating visuals, and make the booking process seamless. With a well-rounded approach to marketing, you'll attract more guests and leave a lasting impression that keeps them coming back.

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